For the loyal Wii U fans, the news of emulator being developed for Wii U is exactly not music to their ears. The news, which is out about the Wii U emulator is that it is not yet been fully crystallised. The initial news leaking out from sources reveal that the product is being named as Cemu for now. While it is certain that the product envisaged is likely to take a little longer to fully reach the operational stage, the fans of Wii U are looking forward to the updates on the product gingerly.

Boon or Bane?

While for Nintendo and the die-hard fans of Wii U, the news of an emulator might be exasperating, the news regarding the development of an emulator for Wii U games is an exciting one for those who are unable to reach deep in their pockets to buy the Wii U console. Though it is not certain yet, how successful the attempt of the Wii U apologist would be in developing a prototype that could easily emulate the Wii U games, it has certainly gained tremendous attention of all Wii U fans. With updates being promised by the emulator designers on a fortnightly basis, the next few weeks would unveil the outcome of Cemu?s fate.

System Requirements

The emulator has been designed to work on an operating system that supports either Windows 7 or its higher versions. Other prerequisites of the emulator include the Nvidia cards, which could easily be downloaded on the system to provide good quality graphics. While it is not surprising to hear from sources that system crashes and poor quality visuals are the feature of the emulator that is being envisaged, optimists are hopeful of a break through sooner. Such optimism perhaps is due to the past precedence of emulators successfully being developed by professionals for other portals like Gamecube Games.

Mario Games on Emulator

For the price conscious fans, the day they can lay their hands on the eternally popular Mario games may really not be round the corner. Reports of how the Legend of Zelda has performed, sans proper audio and video quality is definitely not a great beginning for the Wii U emulator. The designers are aware of the challenges ahead and acknowledge that for now the rate of downloading could be eternal. The graphics too, for the moment, are jarring in the emulator designed. So what is certain is that for the complete and successful product to be rolled out, it may take a longer period of time.

Optimism of the Designers

Fighting all odds to overcome the glitches and outsmart Nintendo, the designers of the Wii U emulator are tirelessly on their task of improving their product. Updates are also promised on a fortnightly basis by the emulator designers. For those are very eager to try out the Wii U on the emulator, they can go ahead by downloading the initial version of Cemu and playing the different Nintendo games.


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