Attention racers! Need for Speed heat is releasing on November 8th 2019.

The latest entry in Electronic Arts’ critically acclaimed racing series is releasing in the coming days. Titled Need for Speed Heat, the game is set in a fictional location named Palm City. The city was heavily inspired by real life locations of Miami, Florida. NFS Heat is the first in the series to introduce a manually selectable day/night cycle, the players will have an option to select time of day when leaving the in-game garage. The day/night cycle presents players with different types of races, police chases and rewards. During the day the races in the city are sanctioned and legal, giving the player the opportunity to earn Bank, in-game equivalent of money. While races at night are illegal, although that is the only way to earn Rep, the second type of currency the player has. Rep, or reputation allows players to rank up and unlock customizing options for their cars and unlock further story missions.

The premise for Need for Speed Heat is that racing on the streets is illegal and the police will do everything in their power to stop the racers. That means if you’re caught racing at night the police will start chasing you and won’t give up unless your car is completely destroyed. To balance the risk/reward system in-game, longer chases will earn you more bank, but will eventually get harder to complete. So, the player has incentive to continue racing at night to earn increasingly more Rep, as the chases get tougher.

From what we have seen, the story revolves around the new guy, your in-game character, who has just got into town and wants to make a name for himself. While that is going on the corrupt city police has doubled down on illegal street racing and is on the hunt for law breakers.

Graphically, the game didn’t evolve much from Need for Speed Payback, but not to say that it does not look good. At night the neon lights make the city and the cars pop and during the day the water effects and the sun make your cars all shiny and pretty.

By far the best change in the game, as of writing this article, is the removal of loot boxes. Developer Ghost Games have ditched the infamous card type upgrades and reintroduced regular car upgrades, where the player chooses what part he wants to buy according to the amount of Bank and Rep he has at the time. Although, we still have to live and see how developer Ghost Games and publisher Electronic Arts act on their promise of no loot boxes and paid downloadable content in the future.

If you have seen the latest launch trailer for NFS Heat, you might have noticed a link for the game’s website. This allows for the fans, who have downloaded NFS Heat Studio mobile app to enter for a chance to receive a custom launch trailer featuring their custom rides from the Heat Studio App. 


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