As I am sure you have already heard Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released on October 25th, and some of you may already have had a chance to play it yourselves. But for the ones who didn’t here are my thoughts on the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a throwback to the original series made by Activision, the same people behind this game. Compared with the games that came before it, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a bit more grown up and features more grounded gameplay than the ones before it.

Modern Warfare brings back the fan-favorite character Captain Price. Although at first it might seem like lazy writing, but the performance of Capt. Price is so good that, it won’t bother you at all. As I have already mentioned the game feels more realistic than the hot pink jetpack style games that preceded Modern Warfare.

I am sure some of you will say “-Another year, another Call of Duty.” But I assure you this year’s game is worth your attention. Having played the Alpha, the Beta and a bit of the final product I can say that this game is great. And there are several reasons why.

First of are the looks, Call of Duty Modern Warfare looks stunning. Even when played on a Playstation 4 slim, the experience was nothing short of amazing. The game just looks and sounds great, that’s it there is no other word for it. The lighting or in some cases lack thereof is done masterfully, and playing it on a good display completely immerses you in the gameplay.

Next up is the gunplay, I was pleasantly surprised when I played the Alpha version of the game for the first time. As the guns felt heavier and much more realistic than any other iteration of Call of Duty before it. You can distinctly tell the difference between a 9mm handgun, an assault rifle and a pump shotgun. Although as a result of revised gunplay the TTK or Time to Kill is slightly longer, I never felt that the overall gameplay is too slow or cumbersome, at least for my taste. The speed of the gameplay hits the sweet spot, as it is neither in the range of something like Rainbow Six Siege nor something like Fortnite.

Third, I want to mention the enviro-mentality of the game. If you hide behind a car and somebody starts shooting at you the car will eventually get blown up. The tires will be shot and the windows shattered and the wave of the explosion might even blow open a door nearby, alerting everyone inside. But if you think that the game is only designed for guns blazing action, you would be wrong. Because you can also go the silent route. Most of the buildings in-game allow for out-of-sight entry points, that do not alert enemies around, giving you a chance to sneak up on your enemies.

Overall, complete with a great sound design, beautiful graphics and gameplay Call of Duty Modern Warfare is worth all the hours that you put into it.


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