You may be forgiven for thinking that the Big Bang slot game which is one of many slots available to play at casino sites offering the NetEnt suites of slot games is something of a basic slot. You are never going to be able to trigger any bonus game when playing this slot by lining up scatter or bonus symbols on the base game screen.

However, what does make this slot game one which can be a very high paying video slot is that a special multiplier can and will come into play as you are playing off base game spins.

In fact with some luck in playing this slot you could get a multiplier in play that will boost winning payouts by 32 times their normal pay table listed payout amounts! Read on as we will let you know just how this Big Bang slot game plays and pays.

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

This is another of the many different slot games on offer from NetEnt which does not have one of their standard, bonus symbols or scatter symbols awarding bonus games, instead a bonus feature is in play on every base game spin you play off.

The way in which it works is very straight forward to understand, all you have to do is to hope that on any of its Fixed Pay Lines you spin in at least one winning combination. The initial winning combination you form will award the standard winning payouts as are listed on the pay table of this slot.

However, on the very next spin after a winning combination have been spun in x2 multipliers come into play and as such if you then spin in another winning combination on any of this slot games paylines that winning payout is doubled.

Getting two winning combinations spinning in on consecutive spins will then see the next spin offering x4 multiplier values, should you then form a winning combination on that spin the multiplier value will increase to x8!

The multiplier value will become one which boosts any winning combination formed on the fifth consecutive spin by x16 and if on the sixth consecutive spin if another winning combination is formed on any payline that winning payout is boosted by a whopping 32 times its pay table listed amount.

If after spinning in one or more consecutive spins no winning combination is formed then the multiplier value is rest back down to x1 and will only start to rise again in value when you then start to spin in additional winning combinations on any additional base game spins you play off.

Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

There are numerous different optional payline slots on offer from NetEnt, but one of their most popular slots is this Big Bang slot. If you want a slot offering plenty of ways to win via both its base and bonus game then keep on reading for you are sure to like what you are about to discover about this slot game!

The Big Bang slot game is a slot on which you have 25 pay lines on offer each of those pay lines are not optional and you can play it for stake levels as high as 125.00 or you can play this slot for stake levels as low as just 0.25 per spin.

By playing the Big Bang slot game with just 25 coins in play a 1000 coin jackpot payout can be won, that jackpot will be awarded to you when five of the Sun reel symbols have spun in one symbol anywhere in view on each of the five reels.

The Wild Sun symbols in play on the reels of the Big Bang slot game are the Wild symbols, those symbols stand in for all of the standard reel symbols and will help complete winning combinations, but they will not stand in for any scatter or bonus symbols.

There are no scatter symbols in play on any of the reels of the Big Bang slot game, but as you have found out above, the main bonus game feature is awarded as soon as you get two winning combinations on the trot and as such that bonus game will not require you to spin in any bonus game awarding scatter or bonus symbols to see it being triggered.

Big Bang Slot Playing Tip

With that huge x32 multiplier value that can come into play when you are playing and winning on the Big Bang slot that does of course mean that a very low stake spin will give you the chance of winning big when playing this slot.

That means if you are a low stake player hunting around and looking for some great playing yet potentially very high paying slot games to play then this slot does need to be very high upon your list of slot games to play sooner rather than later, so do give it a whirl.

Additional Information

If you have any type of mobile device you are going to be able to play the Big Bang slot on that device, which means if you are ever out and about and wish to play a high paying slot on your touch screen mobile device then you are going to be able to give this slot some play time on that device!

Getting a larger amount of your stakes returned to you over your long term play is what every slot player should be looking to achieve and thanks to the Big Bang slot having a payout percentage of a very high 96.00% that is what you will be getting if you play it!

When playing this slot for real money at any of our featured mobile casino sites your real money gaming action on this slot will earn you what are known as comp points. The more real money spins you play off no matter if you win or lose, will see you earning those points which can then be exchanged for free casino credits.


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