Ubisoft Montreal?s latest game, Assassin?s Creed Unity, developed specifically to cater to the needs of Microsoft Windows, XboxOne and PlayStation 4 users has not exactly fired the imagination of the players, as the other seven titles in this franchise.

Since its launch in November 2014, reviews received for this action-adventure, stealth genre has been both negative and positive.

On the positive side is the playing format, which allows participation by multiple players. The game has been developed to allow four players at a time.

The Flip Side

The general opinion of experts and players is that the game, which unfolds under the picturesque setting of the French Revolution in Paris unfortunately, suffers from poor quality of animation.

An even bigger concern of the players is the presence of software bugs, which indicate definite flaws in the programming of the game.

Ubisoft was quick to apologize for the error and has even come forward to offer a variety of compensation for the unforeseen errors in programming.

The New Generation Weapons

Assassin?s Creed Unity, while retaining the armoury of previous set of games in the series, has introduced a new set of weapons like Phantom Blade and Templar.

The unique selling point of Assassin?s Creed is the capability provided to players to modify the weapons to suit the gamers? style of play.

A larger canvas is provided for the game with crowd at the back drop, with whom players interact during the game.

Another first at Assassin?s Creed Unity is the ability of players to model the features of the game characters, providing the players great satisfaction in improvising and coming up with original ideas to play the game.

An Authentic Portrayal

Ubisoft had strained every sinew in bringing out this game. Huge planning and meticulous execution by the software providers is amply illustrated in the time taken by formalising this venture.

It had taken Ubisoft around four years to launch the game, from the time it was conceived in early 2010.

To bring out accurate portray of Paris how it was in the 18th century, the period when the French revolution erupted, the software developers held long and fruitful consultations with historians who are acknowledged as authorities on the subject.

Faced Unexpected Criticisms

While Ubisoft were nervously waiting for the reviews and responses of players, they were confronted by controversies of gender bias.

In a bid to curb additional resources being spent on two gender voices and such issues, options were not provided in the game for creating girl characters. But unfortunately this has received flak from many, including feminists.

Another vehement criticism has come from the French left-wing party for missing the genesis of French Revolution and portraying it poorly.

The principal character of the game is Amo Dorian. And the game is virtually centred on this character.

The game starts with the young Amo being adopted after the death of his father, through to the time when Amo joins the Brotherhood movement, and finally how he avenges the death of his clansmen after a series of fascinating episodes.


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