Angry Birds Space is a highly addictive arcade style game. The object of the game is to launch birds through outer space and destroy the evil pigs. Perfect aim is key to successfully take down the pigs. There are several obstacles in the way that will make it more difficult for your birds to reach the pigs. Often times there are barriers protecting the pigs. In order to destroy all of the pigs in as few tries as possible, it is wise to look at the entire playing field before launching your first bird. The best strategy is to see if you can find an object in the field that you can hit that will cause a domino- like effect so you can destroy as many pigs as possible. This game keeps you intrigued because you have to carefully plan your strategy for each level. Each level is very different with the obstacles and barriers you face, so the game does not seem repetitive and it does not grow boring.

As you progress through the levels in Angry Birds Space, the pigs will get tougher and you will face more challenging obstacles. However, you will also obtain birds that have special abilities. The first bird you obtain will be the classic red bird. There is nothing fancy about this bird. You simply launch this bird into space and watch it destroy barriers and pigs. Other birds you will obtain with special abilities include; a bird that can increase it’s speed to break through several barriers at once, a bird that acts as a bomb that can cause a large amount of destruction in the playing field, and a bird that can split itself into three separate birds so you can hit multiple objects in the playing field at once. There are several other bird characters you will come across as you advance through the game. These characters add diversity to the game which will affect the way you strategize to complete each level.

Another interesting feature that Angry Birds Space contains are the different gravity fields you will come across as you advance through the levels. The gravity fields can sometimes add difficulty when trying to decipher the perfect execution plan to take down the pigs. These gravity fields can cause your birds to remain in orbit longer than anticipated. The key is to understand the gravitational pull each level is applying and plan your attack accordingly.

Between the interesting characters, diverse levels, and the added gravity fields makes Angry Birds Space a fresh, addicting game that never grows tiring.


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