Gaming is an addiction whether we accept it or not. From a very young age, shooting with paper guns to actively playing video games, it is something, which is quite thrilling for everyone.

When you are looking for something real time and adventurous, then Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare is a blessing in disguise.

It is a first-person shooter game, which involves military science fiction published by Activision.

After the game was released it was developed for XboxOne, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4 by Slegehammer Games and for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, High Moon Studios developed the versions.

The multiplayer options and Exo-zombies mode was then developed by Raven Software.

After a lot of effort and anticipation, the game was finally released on 4 November 2014. But, interestingly the development started towards the end of 2011, when the movie, Call of Duty-Modern Warfare 3 starring Kevin Spacey and Troy Baker released.

The Game Plan

The whole game is based on the perspective of a first-person shooter. There are so many unique things in the game.

For example, instead of conventional heads-up display all information is laid out to the player through holographic projections from the equipped weapon.

Apart from the ‘exo’ movements, everything about the gunplay is pretty much similar. Conducted by the Exoskeleton, these exo movements can dash, boost, and even sky jump.

After every mission is completed, the player is given a particular amount of upgrade points, which can be used for upgrading into further weapons or exo suit.

You can keep gaining additional points when you complete a set of objectives, one of them includes gathering the ‘Intel’, which is a lone collectable.

You can even keep switching between six types of grenades in which each one has distinct capabilities. You can also choose between traditional firearms or you can even choose energy directed weaponry or laser.

If you are single player, then you will be playing as Jack Mitchell, unlike the multiple characters you encounter in Call of Duty games. The cinematic theme scenes make the story-telling a very interesting one.

When multiple people are playing this game, you can witness some similarities to Call of Duty, the movie.

The Pick 13 will give access to players to pick up score-streaks, attachments, pick weapons, and perks with an allocation of 13 points in total.

There are about 350 weapon variants that you can explore including the base ones. There are also supply drops through which you can earn some cool new gears. It is completely random and can be customised.

With Exo Survival and Zombies, things can get a little bit adventurous like rescuing your fellow player, disabling players in exo suit, and a lot more.

The map of Exo Zombies was released on Xbox Live on 30 April 2015 as a part of a pack.

Critics Response

When the game was released everybody was trying it out and carefully judging each and every aspect of it.

In spite of being dissected minutely, the game turned out to be a winner and a lot of people pertaining to the gaming industry gave some fantastic reviews and ratings, which made it even more popular.


One thing you can be assured of is a great visual effect because the game won Best Graphics – Technology at the IGN’s Best of 2014 awards.

According to the US retail, this game is a top selling one.

So, if you own any of the PlayStations or XboxOne consoles, then this is one game that you need to get your hands on. With some great graphics and a thrilling setup, you?ll not be disappointed!


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