It is true that popular movies are making their way in to the consoles in order to entertain people further through video games. Whether it’s James Bond or Sherlock Holmes, these characters are today seen in the online slot games too. However, there are some franchises that have gone beyond the expectation and have spun off into other areas.

Mentioned below are the leading five games with spin-offs. Read on further to know more about them:

Famous Video Games with Spin-offs


This particular video game has taken a leap from comic books to the screens. It attracts the players with its exclusive bonus features, better payouts and excellent graphics. It is known that Guillermo Del Toro made two Hellboy movies and both of them gained attention of many. However, after watching them, people came out with middling reviews and were not completely satisfied with the story line.

Game of Thrones

While talking about this game, it is an epic fantasy game. This game took birth from the pages of George R.R. Martin?s books, the tales of Westeros was elevated to the next level when big budget TV adaptation of the same was launched by HBO. Right after this, it received a great popularity from people around the world. In addition to this, Game of Thrones universe has also come up with different other spin-offs. It is sure that you must have not tried these spin-offs yet.

Jurassic Park

The very popular movie, Jurassic Park was created by Steven Spielberg in the year 1993. The audience got thrilled to see those dinosaurs, action and excitement on the big screens. After then, various versions of the game with the same name and theme have been created for the players. The latest game is Jurassic Park III- Park Builder that has been set with a park building style theme. In fact, it is true that some online casinos offer only Jurassic Park games.

For instance, the renowned 32RED UK has excelled in offering games on the respective theme and make attempts to reflect the original film. Here, you can see the visuals of the main characters and the dinosaurs that have actually played part in the movie. The best part is that the features of some animals have been given the highest level of effects to offer a real experience to the players. You can see dinosaurs spitting on symbols and then changing their value. The sounds of the jungle and other graphics are simply out of the world.

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is a character that has enjoyed immense popularity like Agent 47. The character has been successful in making this game a big success. The film adaptation of Lora is also out for the fans. It is known that two attempts have already been made by starring Angelina Jolie but the big screen will show Alicia Vikander at the final go. This new film is going to be on the screens in the year 2018. No doubt, Tomb Raider has inspired number of comic books and online slot games.


Until today, 6 games have been launched in the series of Hitman. However, the latest game is entirely different from its earlier counterparts as it is going to be released in episodic format. To add on, a novel named Hitman-Enemy Within was released in the year 2007 and was based on Agent 47.

Thus, if you have not tried these movie-based video games then you must do it now. You just have to sign up at a good website and start playing these slots.


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