It is almost accepted now that Wii U was not very successful and couldn?t hit it off with video game lovers. But there is no denying the fact that the Wii U has some of the best games on their consoles at the moment. They are credited with using the GamePad?s features to their full advantage. Its unique features have got the players hooked on the various exciting games on the console.

Zombi looks very appealing, but has some significant flaws along the line. The game is set in London, where the city is terrorised by zombies and catastrophe has struck. John Dee who is an accomplished Elizabethan scholar has declared apocalypse that will happen after 400 years. Well, to some the plot may seem extremely silly and not original!

You will be playing the game as an ordinary citizen. As you play along, you will be given protection by Prepper. It will slowly dawn on you that you are not safe anywhere in London. Wherever you are, danger is lurking right around the corner. So, one thing that you have to prepare yourself is for death. Either you will die or the zombie.

If you die, then you will come to life again as a zombie. You will then play through another citizen. The foremost task will be to track your former self and get all the ammunition and weapons back from them. But you will be faced with an unpleasant truth, and that is that your expertise at using the weapons will be lost forever.

The game is very appealing, no doubt, but is very tough. Yes, it might come as a surprise, but the game is extremely brutal since the beginning. While you are given a cricket bat to knock away zombies, they do not die that easily. You cannot be distracted while playing the game. One moment of weakness and the next thing you know is that you are dead. You will be replaced with another random human, but you will have to start all over again with that person. You have to be cautions and have a plan in mind. While playing you?ll realise that the gun is not very appealing. It is sometimes slow and does not fire on time.

The tension in the game is mostly psychological and you will have to deal with it to move forward. While cricket bats and guns are very effective weapons that you can use in the game, another device proven to be effective is the tablet-like device.

It can be safely assumed that the mechanics are not very well refined. But, on the whole, this game retains the tension of a horror game. It will not be a surprise if the game comes out with a sequel. There are several games with the same theme already, pointing a finger at one of them and declaring it as the best zombie game will be unfair. But this one proves to be quite fun and entertaining. The genre has definitely gained much from the release of this game.


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