Are you a fan of Android games? Looking forward to experience something new?

If your answer is a big YES, then you?re in luck!

In the coming months, you can expect three different games in very varied genres to be launched. These include Rayman Adventures, Crashlands and Ronin.

No doubt, Android does every bit to get ahead in technology and give something unexpected and exceptional to all its users.

With the Android platform becoming as popular as iOS, many players are looking for some cool and neat gaming options on Android as well.

To satisfy the needs of their customers, Android makes it a point to release new games every now and then.

The three new games that you can expect from Android in the near future have been mentioned below.

#1-Rayman Adventures

Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run have already reserved a place in smart phones of hundreds of people.

The good news is that there is something more coming to this series. Yes, you can now play Rayman Adventures that has been tailored with a unique structure.

The theme of the new game is to rescue the ?Incrediballs?. It is a tap-and-runner game play, which may disappoint the ones looking for a more conventional platform.

Once you have downloaded Rayman Adventures, you will be excited to see its 2D graphics. Until date, only previews are out for this game. Android lovers will have to wait for some more time for it.


For those who prefer playing action games and are a diehard fan of Samurai Jack, Ronin is the finest game ever.

This 2D game has a ninja motorcycle rider who is in complete action. The art style of the motorcycle seems to be amazing and captivating.

It feels that the game is full of Samurai Jack?s action styles and adventures.

Not to forget, Ronin has a very fascinating feature that gives it an edge over other games. Here, the world freezes the moment you get into a fight with the enemies. You get a chance to attack them with combos and available weapons.

The game is specifically designed for touch screen mobile devices and is expected to be launched very soon.


If you are into sci-fi, then play Crashlands.

Indie developer, Butterscotch Shenanigans have come up with their recent game play. Like the rest, the peculiar and unique style of Shenanigans, this game also is going to get popular among its players around the world.

It is a 2D survival game, which delivers an amazing sci-fi setting in cartoon style. The game will soon be launched on Android, Steam and iOS platforms.

The players will get an opportunity to continue designing equipment and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Alien eggs and other ideas like auto-managed inventory are some of the exceptional aspects of the game.

Android has always surprised its users with the most outstanding games and the same is expected with the launch of these previously mentioned three games.

It seems that Android is all set to continue the hit parade of amazing games in the near future also.


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