The Project Morpheus hardly deserves to be in the featured pages. Sony is a brand that has always set its place in the news with its craziest ideas. However, PlayStation Move Motion Controller, which failed at the hands of Sony, has today become the winning strategy for the company. Sony?s PS4 Virtual Reality (VR), the change in name is expected to pose a great competition for the rivals.

About PlayStation VR

Sony is always known for offering the most stylish of all, whether they are tablets, televisions or phones. They all are sleek and classy. The latest VR is no different when it comes to its design. Every gizmo freak would simply die to get a hold of it as soon as it?s in the market. The amazing headset seems to be like a prop from JJ Abrams? Star Trek films with that suspended front visor and fantastic glowing blue markers. The company has evidently tried to avoid the traditional ski Google design.

It has decided to put the maximum weight of the headset on the player?s forehead in place of strapping it onto the front of it. No doubt, the weight of VR is light and is very comfortable to use when compared to Rift, Vive or Samsung Gear VR. On the underside of the display unit of the headset, players will find a little button with which they can easily extend the headset and take it off. Even people who were glasses have nothing to worry about.

The Working of PlayStation VR

The VR does not work in isolation. You will require a PlayStation camera. The camera will help you in tracking the movements of head while hand tracking can be done with Sony?s PlayStation Move controllers. If you already have these accessories, then it is great. Else, the whole package can cost you a bomb. However, buying them all together will offer you a never-felt-before gaming experience. The VR is very easy to set up as you only need to plug it in and start playing.

While talking about the core specifications, it is very similar to Oculus Rift. Like Rift, VR operates at 960×1,080 per eye. It is a given that players are going to have a smooth experience by playing through this headset. Further, the VR makes use of PS4 camera in order to track those nine glowing lights, which track all your head movements. The unique part is that it can even track the backside of your head with two lights at the rear.

The Bottom Line

In the world of virtual reality devices, PlayStation VR is sure to establish itself in the market once it?s launched. Since Sony is known for owning the highest movie studios in the world, it is expected to bring out the best of VR. Players can enjoy all the movies while the VR games are going on. Currently, the fans of Sony are waiting for the new headset to hit the store shelves to experience and play games through it!


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