How do you fancy standing in a cyber sense, along the side of a fish packed river in Alaska hoping to reel in you supper? Well that is what you could be doing if you choose to play Microgaming?s stunning Alaskan Fishing slot!

This is one of their mobile and online slots which offers you a whopping 243 ways to win on each spin you play off, and when one of its two bonus games are triggered, then that is when you will be hoping to reel in some huge cash paying fish!

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

The bonuses games which you can trigger when playing this slot are triggered in different ways. The Fly Fishing bonus game is triggered once you spin in on both the first and last reel the bonus symbol.

Once triggered you are then faced with casting your line into the river in the hope the fish you then catch will have large cash payouts attached to them! The stakes you play on the base game have a direct effect on how much you will win during the bonus game so if you are playing this slot for high stake amounts then that is how you can achieve some of the larger winning payouts.

Free spins are also on offer on the Alaskan Fishing slot, and as you have 243 active ways of winning when this bonus game is trigger you could win some sizable amounts of cash when that bonus game is triggered.

The Fishing box scatter symbols are how you will trigger this feature and once three or more of them have spun into view you will then be faced with playing off a set of 15 free spins. The winning payouts that you spin in on any free spin played off will be doubled in value instantly.

Where to Play the Alaskan Fishing Slot

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Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

The Alaskan Fishing mobile slot game from Microgaming is an All Ways slot and you will have 243 ways to win in play per spin you play off spread over the 5 video reels, the stake values can be fully adjusted by players and the minimum setting is 0.01. To increase the coin values all that you need to do is to simply click on the coin value buttons located alongside the coin value display box.

You do however need to play an increment of 30 coins per spin and you can also adjust the number of coin increments you put into play when playing the Alaskan Fishing slot, and the do that once again click on the coins button which is to the right hand side of the coin level box and the coins will then increase for each click you make on that button.

The jackpot offered on the Alaskan Fishing slot game is worth 500 coins, that jackpot is paid when you get five of the Logo Wild reel symbols on any payline. You can increase the value of that jackpot by increasing the number of coins in play by clicking on the coin level box.

The second highest paying reel symbols on the Alaskan Fishing slot game are the Trophy symbols, and five of them spinning in will award you with a 350 coin payout when playing on the minimum number of coins per payline per spin.

Alaskan Fishing Slot Playing Tip

If you have never played an All Ways slot game before then be aware that you can play any increment of 30 coins per spin to send the reels spinning. It may be a good idea of you to play each initial spin for the minimum number of coins and then if you spin in several winning payouts slowly increase the coins you are playing for.

The more coins wagered on the base game will increase the chances of you winning big when the Fly Fishing bonus game has been triggered and awarded to you.

Another section of our website that you may be interested in taking a look at is our slot tips guide, for as there are so many different mobile slots on offer, there are special ways of playing many of them that will give you an instant chance of improving your winning chances!

Additional Information

You will not only be restricted to playing the just the Alaskan Fishing slot on a mobile device for you are also going to be able to play a huge range of other high paying slots. If you own an Android device then do get on over and checkout our guide to playing Android slots as you will be amazed at just how many of them can be played on those mobile devices and all of them offer something unique to players!

The Alaskan Fishing slot has a fully certified long term expected payout percentage of 96.63% that payout percentage will fluctuate as you play this slot over each session, however the slot should, over your long term play return that high payout percentage.

The Alaskan Fishing slot game is one of many Microgaming designed mobile slots that you are going to be able to play on any type of mobile device. There are several Microgaming mobile slots on offer at our featured mobile casino sites so do make sure you check them out all!


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