Nintendo Co. has been in the forefront of the gaming market for several years now. Known to create games that have high graphics and compelling characters, the company has truly been a trendsetter in the gaming industry in recent times.

The man behind its operations was Satoru Iwata, who recently died. He had been the front man of the company and handled everything from analyst meetings and conceptualising games to product announcements and helming press conferences. He was part of Nintendo for 13 years and he made numerous contributions that cannot be put down into words. His unexpected demise has prompted the company?s two most experienced managers to take forward the game maker. The gaming industry is extremely competitive and no gaming company can even think of stalling operations for a while.

One of the chosen candidates is the creator of the Mario and the Zelda series, Shigeru Miyamoto. He has been the company?s chief game designer and is well-known for his leadership abilities. The other one is 66-year-old Genyo Takeda who is the head of the research team. He is also the chief architect of the immensely popular Wii console.

The duo have been asked to work together and have been bestowed the responsibility to take the company forward and see to it that their operations do not take a hit. They will lead the team until a successor is decided upon. Miyamoto joined the gaming company back in 1977 and is credited with changing the face of the video-game maker in the 80s. In 1972, Takeda joined the company and developed the company?s first arcade game that was called EVR Race in the year 1975.

Atul Goyal who is an analyst at Jefferies Group LLC says that he is saddened by the news of Iwata-san?s untimely death. He hopes that the company manages to keep an open-mind about the issues at hand and does not take any rash decisions. He further adds that he has not seen either Miyamoto or Takeda interact with the investors or participating in giving any commentaries about the business of the company. But it should be noted that both the veterans have faced their own set of challenges when it comes to selling software and hardware, ideas and games on mobile devices.

Nintendo is planning to launch their first smart phone operations this year. They will also release a new console by the name of NX. Nintendo has partnered with mobile game maker DeNA Co., and are hoping that this collaboration will help double the profits for the coming fiscal year. But this has also become a challenge in itself as Iwata helped build the formation for the company?s deal with the mobile maker.

An analyst at Iwai Cosmo Securities Co., Tomoaki Kawasaki says that the biggest responsibility of the successor will be to take care of the smart phone business and try to make it a success. Iwata?s tragic death was not only acknowledged by people within the company, but also from outside it. Posts on social media emerged within hours of the announcement of his death from fans, rivals and well-wishers.


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