You?ve come to the right place to get details on the best Android apps and games for the week.

We?ve featured only new releases on this list; you?ll not find a single update here. We?ve checked all prices carefully, so you?ll find them to be accurate, and have used ?IAP? to point out where in-app purchases are available.

These apps are great on any Android device whether it?s a tab or your phone.

The top apps for the week include the following.

  • Meerkat (Free): You can live stream your experiences using this social streaming application. You can tap into other user?s feeds even if you don?t want to create one of your own.
  • Microsoft Hyperlapse (Free): Available in beta, you can use it to shoot amazingly smooth time lapse videos with your smartphone. You can also make these videos with any footage that you already have. It?s a really cool and hi tech app!
  • Wear Fitness Personal Trainer (Free): This app called VimeoFit, meant for Android Wear, helps you monitor your fitness through a routine designed by a personal trainer, Coach Kozak. Works just like your own personal trainer.
  • Fruit Ninja-Math Master (?4): This is a really good app that helps young kids realise that math is fun. They will pick up the basics of math without even knowing it.
  • DeeMe (Free): It?s not only an instant messenger service, but it also offers excellent photo editing feature. Basically you can use it to send great looking messages and videos.
  • Desire42 (Free with IAP): For those who want to try out sexting but with a difference. You can send a dare to your partner from a list that?s constantly being updated, and see the photos in absolute privacy. It?s saucy and flirty, just right to spice up any relationship!
  • Dreamstime-Sell Your Photos (Free): You can actually earn cash from the photos you?ve stored on your phone by uploading them to a stock photography provider. The app also lets you track how many people have used your photos.
  • Livescribe+ (Free): If you?ve wanted a Livescribe 3 smartpen, then now is a good time than any other to get it because this app helps you view, share and store your data on Android devices.
  • VoxelMaker (?3.95): You can build 3D structures using coloured cubes without really needing any artistic ability. The excellent depth of field and many lighting options make great looking structures. This app is very useful if you need to create 3D buildings for work.
  • Adidas Smart Ball (Free): It works best if you have the miCoach Smart Ball from Adidas, equipped with sensors. Together, they track the quality of your kicks. Alone, the app gives you tips on your game.

Here are two games that have been recently launched. These can be played on your Android smart phone or tablet.

  • Seabeard (Free with IAP): Good for a fair amount of fun, you get to visit an enormous ocean with lots of islands. There are lots of interesting challenges with different levels of difficulty. You get to perform various tasks, smuggle things and even build an island.
  • Knights of Pen & Paper 2 (?3.99 + IAP): We really like this game on account of its retro look and loads of humour and references to pop culture. If you like games that feature role play, then this is one game that you need to definitely try!

We feel that these apps give you a good choice of entertaining games and useful things to do. If you have any suggestions for this list or want to add to this list, then please write in.


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