The gambling industry is all about controversies, debates and court cases. Over the years, this industry has made many people millionaires but has also disappointed a lot. This article talks about five of the very popular court cases with thousands and millions of dollars at stake.

Five Famous Gambling Court Cases

Pauline McKee vs Isle Hotel Casino

This case is about an 87-year old grandmother, Pauline McKee. She belongs to Illinois and was playing Miss Kitty slot at Isle Hotel Casino in Waterloo, Iowa. The lady went to a family trip to the States at tried her hands at this slot. She triggered a multi-million jackpot at this slot while playing with her daughter but could not actually claim it. On claiming the jackpot prize, the casino management said that that the win was due to a computer glitch. They said that the won prize could not be offered to the player. McKee decided to sue the casino and approached the Supreme Court. Later, the verdict went in her favor.

Bruno Venturi vs EuroBet Casino

Bruno Venturi was playing at EuroBet casino based in Surrey. The 41-year old Italian man hit the jackpot of around ?650,000 at the casino with a bet of just ?18. It is true that the casino did congratulate him on his winning but did not offer him the same. The casino clearly said that it was because of some technical error and was not a real winning. Venturi filed a complaint against the casino in the High Courtand the verdict went in favor of the casino saying that the casino did not have a control over what happened.

Phil Ivey vs Crockfords

This is the very popular case that is still under process. Phil Ivey, a professional poker player was summoned by the court. The player was accused of using improper methods to make ?7.8 million. Further, the casino refused to pay the won amount after carrying out a proper investigation against him. The case is ongoing and the final verdict is to be expected by the end of this year.

Safa Abdulla Al Geabury vs Ritz Club

It is about a 53 year old man, Safa Abdullah who went to Ritz Club to try his hands on casino games. He continued to play Roulette and signed a cheque of ?2 million payable to the casino. Nonetheless, the casino never received this payment and he went into great debts. The court reached to a decision that Safa had to pay the entire amount of debt. However, the player failed to pay the entire sum of money and he was sentenced to the jail for ten months.

Christian Hainz vs Two Swiss Casinos

In the year 2004, Christian Hainz filed a case against two casinos in the Switzerland. It was owned by casinos Austria and the player accused that he lost his money in the two casinos while playing Roulette and Blackjack. According to the report, Hainz was a regular visitor to these two casinos and had visited almost around 100 times from the year 1997 and 2000. He claimed the fact that the entire staff of the casino was completely aware of his state and manipulated him. The good part is that the verdict was in his favor and the court asked the casinos to reimburse ?499,729.

It can be seen that majority of the cases are due to the fault of the casinos and the players have suffered a lot. In future, it is expected that casinos play a fair game and take care of their players!


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