With Android games now available for free, youngsters, newbies and everyone with Android devices are confounded with the problem of choosing the best of them for their devices like tablets and phones. To help them overcome this problem, the experts have listed the top android games of all time. Reviews of the top games are given here for the benefit of everyone!

Cut the Rope Series

Cut the Rope game, which can be categorised under puzzle games has truly pulverised both, the young and the not-so-young. Players are required to feed the beautiful mascot with candies by simply cutting the rope. Odds to overcome in this effort have thoroughly entertained the players of different age groups and therefore, the game has made it in to the top of the charts of android games.


A game that can be classified as an action thriller makes the players turn, twist and dodge over the rooftops to escape from the clutches of evil forces. The popularity of this game makes the players stick to the game loyally.

New Star Soccer

Considered as one of the most addictive games, this game, as the name implies is all about a soccer star. Players assiduously start grooming the soccer player in his efforts to score in the soccer fields. To not risk becoming addictive to this game, the best course of action is not to download this game, but then, who can resist?

The Asphalt Series

These racing games defy not only logic, but also physics too as the racing cars speed past even after crashes on the way. The next generation Asphalt games have been designed to smash the cars of the opponents to add to the fun.

Smash Hit

As the name indicates, these games require the players to smash their way through the obstacles. The game is more challenging than what it appears to be from outside, particularly in the advanced stages of the game.


For those who are hooked on to card games, Hearthstone is a game, which can be enjoyed for long hours either individually or pitted against an opponent.

The Dead Trigger Series

For those who enjoy war games with zombies,this game offers endless recreation. Dead Trigger is a game recommended for free Android download.

Candy Crush Saga

A game, which has successfully captured the attention of all generations, is the delightful Candy Crush Saga. A puzzle game, which is not likely to reach a saturation point is the Candy Crush Saga.

The Marble Blast Series

A game, which is popular among players, offers great opportunity to score heavily, in spite of the increased level of challenges.

Plague Inc

For those who want to enact the role of virus and wipe out the humans, Plague Inc is the recommended game to download on your Android device.

Angry Birds

Indisputably, a game that captured the imagination of one and all, and that is also known for its simplicity is the Angry Birds.


A game that can be easily downloaded in multiple versions is the card game, Solitaire.


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