Are you hunting for the most engaging game for your Android? Bored of playing those regular games? All those gaming fans who are saying a big Yes to it are at the right page. It is true that there are hundreds of games on the Android Play Store that are likely to confuse you. Some games that you like are not free while others are just so monotonous to be played. However, you will get the names of some highly popular games that have hit the gaming floors like anything. Without a doubt, these games deserve your immediate attention and you must download them without making any further delays.

The 3 Most Premium Android Games

To start with, is the most famous game for Android. It is ideal for the players who prefer minimum action in games. Here, you will be controlling a ninja archer and will have to fight against the opponents in ninja style. With the help of the on-screen joystick, you can control the ninja and swipe when you wish to fire the arrows. You will get the chance to gather the experience points and will be able to choose a new power up by reaching to the next levels. Your only aim is to stay at the top. However, you must know that the game will become more challenging as you will go to the higher levels. You can read the rules of the game before starting with it.


If you have always loved trying your hands at the puzzle games then here is the best deal for you. In this minimalist puzzle games, you will have to exploit your reasoning skills. Here, your target will be to take the red cube through the mazes that are based on illusion and are built out of impossible structures. It is not a tough game but offers a casual challenge to the players. The game has 100 levels and you will reach the zen like states as you will go higher with the levels. In fact, it offers you an opportunity to make your own levels to increase the excitement and thrill. You can download it for free and it features no ads.

Star Wars: Force Arena

This one is a complete action game that will make you go crazy. The MOBA style action of the game has captivated the attention of hundreds of players. Once you will start playing it, you will be reminded of the Star Wars. The game has been recently released by Beta and is sure to make you an addict of it. When you will start the game, you will have an option to select your hero and then create deck with troop cards. If you are confident enough then you can go for a one-on-one battle with the enemy else, you can choose to have two-on-two battle if you wish to team up the battle with your friend. Your motto should be to keep winning, so that you are able to acquire more gifts and unlock the card packs. You can further level up your account and can also upgrade your troops. Yes, the game can be downloaded for free with some in-app purchases, which are optional.

Therefore, it is sure that you must have acquired information of the best available games for your Android devices. Before downloading any of these, you can read the description and the other details of the game at the download section also. For now, you should just browse through the play store to download these games and enjoy to the fullest.


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