We have to have some jams here and again. Epic digitally orchestrated game anthems will only take us so far; but when the game is over? Real life should have an anthem too; or at least a beat to groove to. Whatever style of music turns you on; it is the one fix we shouldn?t abstain from.

In starting a look into rhythm apps you might first notice a ?Drum set? mzl.ncdvptxp.320x480-75simulator by ?NULLAPP? for Android, or “Drums!” by “Cinnamon Jelly Ltd” for iOS. These apps are?obviously a blast for any drummer to experiment with; but, anyone can appreciate a miniature drum set, and fare pretty well given some practice. The simulator features 20 different percussive instruments that can be custom assembled to match your own kit; or your own imaginary setup. You can even record your performances and upload them to a mixing program like ?Adobe Premier?.

I remember seeing the first piano app ? a section of black and white keys filling a smartphone screen ? back several years ago. Today piano apps have greatly improved, obviously. What an awesome tool for picking out melodies to bide time, or test your inspired song-writing epiphanies while you?re on the go! Two current piano applications with great sound and smart use of screen layout are ?My Piano? developed by ?Borce Trajkowski?, and ?Cool Piano? by ?AndOneStu?. These kind of applications are definitely a more mindful way to pass time.

hqdefaultMusic and Rhythm games are really a nerve treat; in the sense of finding balance and calm to sort of reboot. Just as important, they are fun; a kind of timed puzzle experience with the best part being a focus on rhythm. ?Magic Piano? by ?Smule? is a good example of this kind of gameplay. Some of us are born with natural rhythm; for others of us it is a constant struggle that once conquered, can have an overall impact on our patience, and mood.

One of the most diversified music games available is “Cytus” by “Rayark Inc”. The artwork, the music, and the player’s sound feedback is very appealing. Cytus has over 300,000 5 star ratings on “Google play”. The more immersive the app, the more we’ll play! Learning teaches us how to learn. Playing any music game, results in accidental learning ? the best kind. The rhythm you follow in this type of app is the melody rather than the beat, and that leads to another development.

Now we aren?t talking about learning music theory precisely, but definitely learning to recognize melodies and develop a better ?ear?. Someone looking at these benefits might be thinking of a child?s development. Yes, but no, not only the young ? anyone. Anyone can take advantage of this brain food and enjoy the games as well. Frequent players will find their singing likely comes a little easier. Just as a professional football player studies ballet, any personality type should understand a purpose for this kind of entertainment.

BoundenPlayed3In regard to ballet, while we?re on the subject ? ?Bounden?, a dance app released last year by ?Game Oven? is revolutionary. To play the game, 2 players, grasp either end of the phone. Players follow a rotating sphere, guiding a path of rings along the right course. The resulting physical movement is an array of gracefully intertwined positions and poses. The development of Bounden was assisted by the Dutch Nation Ballet. We are talking a one of a kind application thus far. Physical motivation in any kind of app is a good thing.

Finger dancing is another game style within the realm of rhythm games. Following a pattern, much as you would on a dance pad, but your fingers are doing the dancing. This is a great approach for following the beat rather than the melody; feeling the groove through your hands rather than your feet; neat stuff. ?Finger Dancing? by ?CFK Studio? is available for free with ads or for $2.99 ad free. Your new found tempo-savvy finger movements can easily be translated through your feet. Get up and dance!

Another great experience of real dancing is the “Zumba Dance” app! It uses an amazingly accurate motion tracking algorithm, and the front-facing camera on an Android tablet. This is a fully physically interactive workout, with in-app purchasing to expand your exercises. This kind of app would be great for your workout room; eliminating the need for a TV! When you’ve had enough you can view some Amazon videos, and take it easy on the treadmill.

Exercise apps are widely available and can help you keep up with your regiment. Apps like ?Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout? or ?Pocket Yoga? can be excellent guides, as well as reminders, and motivators; breaking us out of our mobile devices to sweat a little, is a good thing.

Any downloads are going to eat up memory right? Now may be a good time to look through your apps and see which ones are about you, and benefit you. A few hundred Megs set aside for personal development can?t be bad!







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