It is true that Nintendo Wii U has become highly popular among the players. It is preferred for two things including the HD graphics and a bit of weirdness. However, the craze for this old console has gone down after the new console named Nintendo Switch. The new console is expected to be released in the New Year 2017. The unique part about Nintendo Switch is that it is going to be portable but will have some similar features like that of Wii U. In addition, Nintendo has made it clear that it is no mood to replace the Wii U with Switch entirely. But, the production of Wii U will be slowed and gradually, it will terminate manufacturing for the Japanese market.

The Portability of Nintendo Switch

The first major difference between Wii U and Switch is that the latter is completely portable. Wii U was launched GamePad, the main controller with an embedded touchscreen. It further had directional buttons, joysticks and joypad. Players were able to use the GamePad as a second screen and few games could support the direct play. This has inspired the new console, Switch.

On the other hand, Switch is portable, as that you can detach its controllers. The controller can be used without wire, which can add more excitement in the multiplayer games. Here, the joysticks are at offset angles just like Xbox joypad. The portability feature gives Switch an edge over Wii U and is going to help company in its marketing. To add on, another fascinating part is that you can use Switch as a standalone portable gamin device. It means that you can enjoy gaming from anywhere and at any time. You can connect it to your TV screen and enjoy the games at the big screen. Yes, it is fully versatile.

Powerful – Wii U or Switch?

It is clear that Wii U is underpowered as compared with the other existing consoles. Wii U makes use of a custom built chip by IBM, AMD and Renesas. It features an ?Espresso? CPU, SEEPROM memory chip and a ?Latte? GPU. This console is produced on 45nm mode, which is certainly outdated and inefficient. The total RAM is about only 2GB with two other storage options of 8GB and 32GB. However, it did support Bluetooth 4.0 connections, 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks and an Ethernet connection.

Moving on to Switch, it is known that this console will make use of custom-built Tegra system and a chip developed by Nvidia. It will also feature a custom API named ?NVN?. The API will make it light weighted and will result in fast gaming. The new console will be capable of running full HD 1080p resolution and will use the finest gaming graphics cards. Unlike Wii U that uses proprietary optical discs, the Switch will use proprietary game cartridges. Players will not be able to insert any discs in the latest console.

About the Switch Screen

The older console comes with a 6.2 inch screen supporting a resolution of 854×480 pixels. In contrast to this, Switch will be able to display 1280×720 pixel resolution on the same sized touchscreen. Thus, it is clear that Switch will be more appealing than its older counterpart and will feature better display.

The Bottom Line

Switch is going to captivate player?s attention right away but it lacks one major feature that Wii U had. Wii U is backward compatible but the new console is not. However, it is still going to be popular among the masses and is expected to bring with it some new titles to arouse the interest of the players.


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