Planning to make your summer vacations interesting? Thinking of some thrilling ideas? If yes, then you need to consider playing some of the most exciting video games ever.

Here are 9 superb summer games that have become an all time favourite of hundreds of players in all age groups. These games don?t need you to buy Pack-a Mac. You?ll probably not even get bored of them. Even if you do, you can look for some other games besides these and start playing them!

#1-Out Run

For those who wish to play a simple, relaxing and enjoyable game, this one is probably the best option. With Out Run, you will have a good time with a blonde surfer girl and will enjoy the long summer drive with her. Even the thought of it makes it worthwhile, isn?t it? Sun tinged soundtracks, amazing scenery and the arcade style of this game is sure to make your summer indoors worth it.

#2-California Games

This game is about freestyle skateboarding, frisbee throwing and surfing. Nothing can be better than water sports in scorching summers. During the 1980s, this game gained attention of millions and is still preferred by many today.

#3-Sonic the Hedgehog

Remember the hedgehog in this game? It will take you into a world of long palm trees, dazzling oceans and pure blue skies. Sonic does not drizzle in this game. In Sonic 2, the Casino Night Zone feels quite humid and bright.

#4-Super Mario Sunshine

The character Mario has been quite popular among all age groups. You must have also played it while growing up. Super Mario Sunshine has waterfalls and tropical beaches that make it even more awesome to play it. It also includes a rucksack that doubles up as a jet pack.

#5-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto has been a massive success and everyone knows why. This is one of the best gangster adventure games with dizzy orange sunsets and pop soundtrack. Play it once or play it twice, you?ll never get bored of this adventurous game.

#6-Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Summer is all about guilty pleasures. Flip flops, candy floss and babes in bikinis are what defines this game. This volleyball game is for relaxing at a beach and enjoying with your friends.


If you are a little calm and composed type of person, then start playing this game. It is a relaxing, beautiful and poetic game that makes you control the breeze through summers as it collects flower petals on its way.

#8-Wii Sports Resort

Enjoy holiday themed activities like canoeing and wake boarding at Wuhu Island and spend a great time this summer. It is a sunny package that will not make you switch to any other game.

#9-Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

It is the latest in town. This game is a depiction of post-apocalyptic earth and is based on a classic Chinese story of Journey to the West. The two main characters here make it a perfect family holiday.

So, choose any one of the above and make your summers worthwhile!


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