Since racing is a genre, which has caught the imagination of gaming enthusiasts from the early days of gaming, even present day Android applications are besieged with numerous entertaining racing games.

With liberal growth of other genres of games, a fall in the share of racing games is inevitable. But in an effort to sustain the genre of racing games, game developers have been diligently working to come up with engaging and challenging racing games.

High Quality Visuals and Graphics

The software engineers are greatly aided in their effort to take the racing games to the next level by technological innovations, which are available now.

With convenient touch screen models of gaming devices available now, players are able to thoroughly enjoy their gaming experiences.

The modern games featuring split second graphics unfolding before them, with apt sound effects to back-up have been a treat for the senses of the gamers.

The gamers have been pampered so much over the years that they now seem to want even more of every game that?s released.

Here is a list of some of the fancy racing games, which have been enthralling the gamers.

#1-Asphalt 8

A favourite among racing enthusiasts, Asphalt 8 is an airborne car racing game where the gamers are offered a visual treat of car stunts in the sky, literally.

To further amuse the players and make the game more personalised, here, players are given the choice of choosing their cars from the list of 10 high-end cars.

#2-Hill Climb Race

A treat for scientific thinking gamers, Hill Climb Race lets the gamers experience the ascending practice in various environs including the deserts, around caves, in the moon and in the arctic settings for real.

Here too, users get the benefit of playing with many swanky models of cars. And players can take in some breath-taking stunts and action-packed sequences in this game.

#3-Riptide GP2

For those who are exhausted and done with the car racing games, Riptide is the game.

As the name is indicative, this is a racing game on water. The vehicles in use are hydro jets, which are in turn powered by rockets.

One of the features of the game here is the racing tracks, which are modelled futuristically.


A game, which held a cult status on the personal computers of the gamers of the 1990s, is refurbished now to entertain Android fans.

A game, which wins points for users for crashing everything in their view is however criticised by some now and is dubbed as representing the 1990s mindset.

#5-Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

A game made for kids; it is often enjoyed by the grown-ups due to its simple and elegant content.

The game starring the adorable Thomas and his friends offers users speed boosters to rev-up the race.

#6-Turbo Fast

With the unlikely snail as the animated hero of the race, the Turbo Fast is another entertainer for children on the race tracks.

So, here are six racing games that you need to try out today!


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