If you enjoy playing video games, then you really should get the next generation of consoles; they are absolutely fantastic to play on and they offer many advantages over the previous generation of consoles.

There are many options to choose from and you can get quite confused if you don?t know what to look for.

We have listed out five important reasons why you should consider getting the Xbox 360 and not the Sony PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii.

#1-Best Games

You?ll find the best games on the Xbox 360 across a whole lot of genres. There are many fantastic exclusive titles as well such as Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and Lost Odyssey.

Even if you want to play a multiplatform game, you?ll find that it performs better on the Xbox 360 rather than on any other consoles.

Some games even offer downloadable content solely on this console; you can get more of Tomb Raider Underworld or Grand Theft Auto IV this way.

#2-The Most Amazing Features

Xbox Live is a major plus point because it offers many great features starting with amazingly smooth gaming.

It also maintains a universal list of friends across your entire collection of games who you can chat with even if you aren?t busy playing the same video game.

Finally, Xbox Live also permits you to download great demos for practically each and every game available on Xbox 360.

Some of the features have to be paid for, but you?ll find that the cost is hardly anything when compared to the benefits.

#3-Keeps Points via GamerScore

Every Xbox 360 video game has a certain goal programmed into it and you will be awarded points when you complete the game.

If you are a competitive person (and which gamer isn?t?), then you?ll really want to keep playing to keep your GamerScore very high.

In fact, you?ll also look for better ways to play the games so as to increase your score.

#4-Source of Entertainment

Your Xbox can be your primary source of entertainment. Since you can use it to do a whole lot of stuff such as streaming videos and music from your PC or playing them on your TV via your Xbox 360 to even streaming movies from Netflix, Xbox can be your perfect entertainer.

This console has been designed to upconvert all your regular DVDs to easy-on-the-eye high def output simply by using HDMI cables for connection.

Xbox Live marketplace is a great source of movies, videos and TV shows.

#5-Parental Controls

If you are a parent, then you?ll love this one. This console comes with excellent parental controls and you can get to work blocking your kids? access to the wrong kind of video games, movies and the like.

You can even control who your child plays video games with online. This is a serious issue because kids of either gender are very vulnerable to attack from online predators.

Finally, you can set a limit on how often your kids can use the console by using the right time settings to lock them out when the allotted time for games is over.

Go ahead and try out the Microsoft Xbox 360, you are sure to love it! With some amazing features and games, it is a pleasure to play the games on this console.


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