Sony PlayStation 4 has hit the ground running after its launch in late 2013. Sony?s latest generation game console has sold more units all over the world when compared to Microsoft?s Xbox One or Nintendo?s Wii U. So far, the PS4 has been the fastest selling video gaming system the industry has ever seen. Lead architect Mark Cerny, who has been working on the PS4 since 2008, was able to overcome a number of obstacles and delays to create an absolute winner of a console that is far better looking than the clunky consoles of the earlier generations.

In case you haven?t yet decided about which console to buy, then you?ll find the information given below very useful. We?ve listed 5 compelling reasons why you should buy the latest edition of the PlayStation 4.

#1-Best Types of Cross-Platform Games

If you are very particular about the quality of graphics of the video games you play, then the PS4 is the best option for you since games look best on this console. It can?t be otherwise, thanks to the 1080p resolution of the console. But it has to be admitted that this applies to older games instead of the newer ones.

#2-Share Play

Let?s say your friend who also has a PS4 doesn?t have a particular game you want to play. You could solve this problem by inviting them to play with you. You?ll also notice that the remote assistance feature is extremely useful in instances where you?re unable to progress in a particular game; you can use this feature to get a friend to help you out by playing remotely.

#3-Amazing Exclusives

As the owner of a state-of-the-art PlayStation 4, you?ll be able to buy exclusive titles to suit practically every mood. If you were to do a bit of research, then you?d see that the most iconic games look exceedingly good on a PS4. The list of titles is fairly good, from a relatively simple Rime to a more serious role playing game like Bloodborne, you?ll find all here. In fact, Bloodborne looks so good on the PS4 that you might want to buy it just to enjoy this game!

#4-PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now costs you only $20 per month and it gives you complete access to a big list of PlayStation 3 games too. Of course, these games weren?t made for 1080p resolution screens, so you?ll have to excuse the patchiness in performance that crops up occasionally. Proper backward compatibility would have been the best thing as even Sony executives admit.

#5-Tons of PS4 Users can?t be Wrong!

More than 22 million consoles have been sold until 31 March 2015. Furthermore, the company states that almost one third of its customers are Xbox 360 and Wii users. The massive popularity of PS4 also means that game developers prefer to make games for it, with obvious benefit to users.

Finally, all the three major consoles are very good and they all offer excellent gaming experience. However, Sony PlayStation 4 stands out because it?s a couple of steps ahead of the others.


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