Each year, as their platform technology progresses, developers dazzle gamers with new releases. Some are built upon older concepts that might perpetuate a series while others boldly blaze a new chapter in history. What separates the 2015 crop from years past is that this time around the best titles aren’t being pushed into the holiday season.

The 10 games listed below are expected to be available for play well before Christmas.

The Division (Action-RPG)
Third-person tactical shooter set in a futuristic New York City, The Division hits the ground running after the country?s population has been nearly wiped out by a disease in less than a week. The player?s role is that of a government sleeper agent charged by ?The Division? with restoring order amongst the utter chaos of the survivors.

Everybody?s Gone to the Rapture (Adventure)
The apocalypse seems to be the name of the 2015 game, and this is no exception. The setting for this adventure is a ?mostly? empty English village post-apocalypse. Most of humanity has mysteriously vanished leaving only six inhabitants of the town. Rapture is an open-world experience that gives the player extensive environment interaction while they search for clues on exactly what happened to everyone.

Quantum Break (Action)
Game style consists of a mixture of third-person-combat, mystery, and adventure. Very complex story line that unfolds within the game as well as a follow-along live-action TV series that focuses on the story?s villains and evolves based on the player?s actions within the game. The game is set shortly after a time travel experiment goes awry and is based on three protagonists? abilities to manipulate time and move through the game world while others are frozen.

Ori and the Blind Forest (Adventure)
Exploration-driven 2D platform with breath-taking visual effects and a completely immersive gameplay experience. The player?s character is a guardian spirit named Ori who is forced into a forest alone after his mother is taken by an evil being. Character skill-tree progression offers a litany of abilities and powers for Ori as the game progresses.

Inside (Adventure)
Set in a totalitarian future where citizens have become mindless drones, the character players as a young boy still in possession of his own mind. From the developers of Limbo, Inside offers a welcomed departure from the shooter and adventure releases of 2015 with its notably different (and somewhat dark) style.

No Man?s Sky (adventure)
Sci-fi exploration/first-person-shooter with an absolutely massive universe that is procedurally-generated. As the player progresses they will experience increased dangers and surprises while performing both space-based and planet-based travel.

The Witness (Puzzle)
It?s taken over five years for a follow-up to 2008?s Braid, but The Witness is expected to be released this year. The game is a 3D puzzle game that features over 600 challenges spread across an uninhabited island. The player will need to explore an extensive maze of clues to figure out what happened.

Meet Nintendo?s foray into the world of third-person shooters. Using ink as ammo, the game?s intended audience is a younger generation of players. Play as ?inklings? and transform between caricatured humans or squids. The game features team-based play that pits characters against other players or a single-player mod that pits the player?s squid versus an octopus.
Wii U-exclusive

Mighty No. 9 (Platform)
This game is a 2D side-scrolling platform that is set in a universe where mechanical sentients have gone haywire due to a computer virus. The player is the ninth model in a line of robots that is virus-free and the world?s last remaining hope.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (RPG)
The Witcher 3 is set in a world of chaos where the Empire of Nilfgaard has once again invaded the Northern Kingdoms. A much deeper and darker conflict awaits the player, however, in the form of the Wild Hunt. The game is a fantasy RPG experience with an open-ended non-linear story arch.


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