For the PlayStation freaks, embattled characters coming back from the dead is a sight to behold.

Since its launch about two decades back, PlayStation has not just kindled unbridled enthusiasm from users, but has also successfully retained their interest in the games.

If Sony Entertainment has ensured that the interest of players is sustained by launching a series of gaming consoles with advanced features in regular periodicity, software content for the consoles too are being consistently released.

These factors have resulted in keeping the users glued to the games for ages, literally.

Crossover Fantasies

Having thoroughly enjoyed the superiority of their gaming characters, PlayStation fans are elated at the prospects of combining two powerful characters and pit the cross over character against the evil foe.

Some of these fascinating crossover characters are however available strictly on pre-orders, as marketing companies are unable to precisely assess the demand.

As a highlight to the crossover fans, Sony has even released All Stars Battle Royal featuring an assortment of successful and much admired PlayStation characters.

Some of the Best Crossovers

Among the top ten popular PlayStation crossovers is Freddy Kruger of Mortal Kombat playing also as Kratos of God of War; Ratchet and Clank in Ape Escape 3; Ratchet, Jak and Sly Cooper in Move Heroes; Cole, Toru and Kuro in Street Fighter X; Tekken, Kat, Clank and Sankboy in Gravity Rush; Nathan Drake, Kratos and Ratchet in ModNation Racers; Snake Eater in Metal Gear Solid 3; Jak and Dexter in Ratchet Deadlocked; Sweet Tooth in Rocket League and finally Shovel Knight against Kratos in Shovel Nights.

For Characters Missing Out

As it is obviously not possible to come up with a list that would pass the scrutiny of all PlayStation players, the list of the best crossovers would disappoint many.

These players, without simply feeling frustrated about their favourite characters not finding mention here, could as well list out their top favourite characters and post it for comments on the official website of PlayStation.

In fact, the die-hard PlayStation fans are even requested to list the crossover characters, which they envisage.

This may hopefully trigger fresh round of crossover characters on the PlayStation, to the joy of all players.

Already the ever enthusiastic PlayStation fans have started to post their suggestions and comments on the website and before long there could be favourable response to these suggestions from the gaming enterprise.

A Recent Phenomenon

After having diligently stuck to the heroes characterised in the PlayStation games, the last couple of years have seen the emergence of crossover genres of characters.

Similar to the euphoria created by the original characters, these crossover characters have been received wonderfully well.

For both, the players as well as the gaming company, the development augurs well.

Interestingly, the crossovers, which have been received well by the market, include characters from different genres including action and humour, which mean that players in all age groups and with mixed taste are increasingly getting involved in PlayStation games.


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