If you?ve been playing the same video games over and over again on your mobile phone, then you?ve been doing yourself a great disservice. There are so many wonderful games that you could play on your Android or iOS device that it?s a big shame to miss out on those.

We have put together a list of games that you can install on your phone to play whenever you want to have a bit of fun. You?ll enjoy the fact that you can move from one level of the game to another relatively quickly. Since the levels are generated randomly, you won?t have to play the same moves repeatedly; there?s no question of getting bored playing these games.

The 10 great games that we recommend for iOS and Android are listed below in no particular order.


It is played as a person who falls down a well, collecting precious gems and fighting the bad guys. The game is fairly easy to start with, but it gets difficult later on, so much so that the games take longer than five minutes to complete. The game has excellent animation and it seems to have borrowed ideas from another game, Spelunky.

#2-Super Hexagon

This isn?t a new game, but it is on this list because it is insanely popular. The game is quite addictive thanks to its arcade style game play and memorable music. You?ll find that it?s quite tough, yet fun to control a hexagon.

#3-Duet Game

This is a fantastic strategy game that also has great electronic music. You?ll have a great time getting past obstacles, with the game improving dramatically in game play as the levels increase.

#4-Horizon Chase World Tour

It is one of the best racing games thanks to its fancy visuals and precise control. The game is absolutely stuffed with content, but you might have a problem with the many in-app purchases you?ll encounter.

#5-Shooty Skies

It is an exciting thumb controlled game that has you shooting at oncoming enemies to survive long enough to collect coins. This game is only available for iOS at present, although an Android version is on the cards.


This is an awesome strategy game in which you have to slide blocks over each other in order to make combinations. The game is quite challenging because all the blocks move at the same time.


Hopiko is a very exciting speed run platformer that is slightly tougher to play than most other games of the genre. You?ll have to complete five levels, before you can move to the next set, and this can be a bit frustrating. Even so, this game is definitely worth a try.

#8-Desert Golfing

This is a fairly simple game, but it is absolutely addictive. As the name indicates, you have to hit a golf ball into a hole that appears randomly on a course.

#9-Race the Sun

Race the Sun is a good runner game that can keep you busy for quite some time. It?s worth a try for its good looking visuals.


This is the game for you if you enjoy strategic avoidance games. This game is sophisticated and unique and it comes with a great deal of content. It?s also not very expensive!

So, which one are you going to download today?


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