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Gamer to Learner

So everybody uses their computer for daily tasks like budgeting, school work, and project sharing; gamers do too; sometimes. Online...

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Whats going on in the World of MMOs?

What is the Future for World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is more than a decade old. When the game’s first...


Upcoming MMOs to Look Forward

There have been quite a few mmorpg games released for 2015 making another...


Future of PlayStation

The Future of PlayStation

In the sidelines of EGX 2015, Shuhei Yoshida, the charismatic President of Sony Entertainment’s worldwide studios,...

Project Morpheus Christened as Playstation VR


9 Games

9 Games That Will Keep You Busy This Summer!

Planning to make your summer vacations interesting? Thinking of some thrilling ideas?...

Xbox on Windows 10

How Does it Feel to Play the Xbox on Windows 10?

Streaming games is not a new concept. Gaikai and OnLive are two big companies that...


Xbox One Updates You Need to Know About

Xbox One Updates

With anticipation and excitement growing among the Xbox users over the new set of games, which are likely to be launched shortly, we have gathered the latest...

12 Person Party Chat

A 12-Person Party Chat in Xbox

Ever the consumer friendly Microsoft, has once again proved...

Tomb Raider Bundle

Microsoft Plans to Drive Xbox One Sales with Brand New Tomb Raider Bundle!

Microsoft had made plans for the holiday shopping season 2015...

Xbox One Hardware

Xbox One Hardware Comes With FIFA 16, Annual Subscription to EA Access!

Microsoft Corporation has released a brand new Xbox One hardware...

Xbox One Experience Preview Program

Xbox One Experience Preview Program has too Many Bugs to be Any Fun!

Microsoft MSFT is issuing invites to all and sundry to preview...